These bags are eco friendly using old military tents and re-cycled tarps  and mats. Only 100% premium buffalo leather and real hides are used in the production of these bags..tanned using a natural vegetable tanning process thus making these bags strong but with a soft natural look and feel.

Each bag is handcrafted with a spirit of vintage, ethnic and bold looks..therefore the bag you receive may not be exactly the same as the one in the picture due to fabric designs and hide patterns..If you are worried about this you can contact us and we will send you a photo of the exact bag that you will receive..

There is a set  process which includes selection, washing, cutting, assembling, sewing, finishing and quality checks for each bag. 

We only keep one of each bag in stock therefore we are able to regularly change our designs.if the bag you choose is sold out we can re order it..but there will be a wait time..