Sleep Bath Soak
Sleep Bath Soak
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Sleep Bath Soak

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 Release the tension of your external world and surrender to inner peace and stillness.

A deeply nourishing and tranquil blend of salts, herbs and pure essential oils in a blend formulated by a naturopath to calm and turn the mind inwards and prepare for a deep and restful nights sleep.

Bathing Ritual

Immerse yourself in a luxuriating bath to cleanse and restore vitality. Using 1/2 a cup of bath soak in warm water, allow the salts to dissolve and oils to release. Take deep breaths as you allow yourself to relax and truly unwind, let the herbs take care of the rest.


Pink Himalayan Salt, Epsom Salt, Passionflower, Chamomile Flower, Lavender, Californian Poppy, Essential Oils of Bergamot, Lavender, German Chamomile

Pink Himalayan Salt & Epsom Salt  Blood tonic, mineral replenishment Cleanses the aura & removes negativity
Passionflower Relieves the effects of both chronic and acute stress on the body Unravels deeper thought patterns
Chamomile  Unwinds the nervous system, calms the mind Assists with introspection and inner peace
Lavender Calming and restorative Harmonise throat and third eye chakra

Soothes anxiety, stress    and nervous tension

Releases negativity & instills peace of mind

Calms and restores

Harmonises chakras and the emotional body
German Chamomile

nurtures an overactive nervous system

Assists with inner peace and past life regression